July 16, 2010

All ball caps are not created equal

If your business sells or plans to sell decorated caps then you should know they are not all the same. There are distinct differences of caps in different sports and lifestyles. For example golf caps have a magnetic bill so golf players can easily attach their metal ball markers to the brim. Baseball caps have an arched bill so that the sun will stay out of the players eyes as the sun moves overhead during playtime.

The flat brimmed cap is what most inner city kids prefer to wear, just for its style.

Of course then there are caps that are worn during winter and fall when the weather is wetter and colder. Those caps have often been made water resistant and are not advised to be used as summer caps since they retain heat to the head.

Lets not forget the little ones, they are often the hardest to find the right size. 

Keep in mind that decorating a cap is not limited to machine or hand embroidery. You can use fabric paints, buttons or applique. Pre-making a patch and then sewing on a cap works rather well too. If you need to find a great wholesale cap supplier. Keep in mind that ball caps come in an array of ways to adjust the fit. From Velcro, plastic button strips to sliding buckles. A word of warning on size fitting, I have a very small adult head and most of the plastic strip types will not adjust small enough for me. A member of the family also has an extra large head and I find that the Velcro types are often not large enough to fit him while the plastic strip ones work great.

So you see, not all caps are equal.

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