July 31, 2010

Its Christmas in July - a tree quilt for you to make

I just got an email from a reader wanting to know how to make the quilt pictured above. Originally the picture appeared on this blog last December and also in my newsletter for that month but I did not include the link where you could find instructions for it. What was I thinking!! There are actually 2 quilts, this one is a miniature quilt that measures 29" x 31.5" and you can find the full instructions here. The other one is a rag quilt pattern which is 46" x 50" and it is slightly different. Those instructions can be found at this link.

I would like to thank reader Linda for bringing that to my attention.


Millie Green said...

oh, that is cute. i can see further embellishing it and trimming the tree with embroidery (and/or applique), too.
This is exactly the easy kind of quilt I like to make. I will definitely make this soon, thanks.

Jan said...

You can also sew on little bells and then hang this quilt on the inside of your front door. What a way to great your guests during the holidays.