July 7, 2010

Where to get personalized fabic tags

Where do you find personalized fabric labels like these? Short of trying to make them yourself they are often expensive. Some companies require huge runs of a few thousand labels to make it worth their while. You see, these labels are not printed or silk screened but actually sewn. I found them at ColorfulImages where they sell them for as little as $16.99 for 20 of them. They have over 6 different designs. They are hard to find on the website so I just typed in the word "fabric" in the search box at the top of their web page and they all showed up. Of course they have a "club" where you get discounts off of your orders if you are a member. The name on the label can be your own name, the name of your company or something else. The name part is the only part that can be personalized.

Colorful Images

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