August 3, 2010

Have you thought about business insurance?

While having a home based is a great way to save on overhead costs, it also might not be covered under your home owners house insurance. Your sewing machines and supplies are worth a small fortune and might not be covered by your insurance company should it be made known that you are conducting a home based business with them. It would be hard to explain why an industrial sewing machine was stolen or involved in a house fire. Buying a seperate policy just to cover your business investments against theft or damage would be a wise choice.

Liability insurance is also something you should be looking into if you have customers come to your home office for fittings or even picking up a finished item. If a customer slips and falls on your property I bet you are thinking that your home owners policy would cover it. That is not always the case. If the person makes a statement that they were there to pick up an item from your business or there on a business related venue then your home owners insurance policy might not cover their injuries.

Liability insurance is required should you have a storefront or even go to clients homes for fittings or estimates. Your business is your livelihood, protect it.

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