September 20, 2010

How to make selling online easy

The more you know about how Google's search engine bot (called Caffeine) works, the easier it will be for you to sell your items online. Google loves content and plenty of it. The more words you use when describing your items the better. Include all the essentials that your customers will need to know such as size, color, fabric, care and washing instructions and then throw in some very descriptive and wordy content for Google to search and index. Google loves content that is over 400 words long and prefers 600+ words. That applies to blog posts, articles and even store listings.

I went searching over at etsy for some examples and found that most of them are nicely done, very long descriptions and have the content that Google loves. I did find one item that was listed on their front page as a featured item that was sadly lacking in description. It is a little girls dress and you can see it here. What is lacks is a description of the type of fabric the measurements of the dress and the size child it will fit. I can also see that the person selling the item is in Malaysia and that fact should be more prominent in the listing. The seller is very new to etsy so it is obvious that she is not aware of the finer selling points of online sales.

I then compared it to a listing on eCrater that showed up at the very top of Google shopping when searching for the words "handmade dress." Here is that listing. As you can see the description is very detailed.

Now you should do a Google search for your own items using a phase that you think your customers would use when they would search. Do your items show up in Google? How about Google shopping? If they do show up, where are they listed? Is there anything you can change about the items title or description that would get it listed higher in the searches? Experiment with the words and see if you can get your items noticed.

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