September 27, 2010

Interesting needlework crafts

Most of us that sew have other crafts they dabble in. I do crocheting and knitting as well as hand embroidery and cross stitch. It was not until recently I discovered the art of punch needle embroidery. Punch needle is a type of embroidery were one side of the work has loops and looks almost like it was done by a type of latch hook. Just like regular and machine embroidery patterns people design and sell Punch Needle Patterns online. There is another type of embroidery that I had seen demonstrated at local county fairs and it involved making french knots to design the pattern. I swear the 3 women I saw working their patterns could have done them blind folded, they were that fast.

I have always enjoyed the old fashioned hand crafts and when I was little I tried my hand at making a patch quilt with the patches joined and embellished with hand embroidery. Of course now I machine quilt and you can even get entire Quilt Kits Online. My, how times have changed. I rarely see kids and teens taking up needlework crafts anymore.

I think that most children have to be exposed to a needle craft by a friend or relative before they have the desire to take it up. My influence for crocheting was from a neighbor when I was in the second grade. She taught me how to make granny squares. I guess I was lucky to have such influential people when I was young.

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