September 17, 2010

My cat tote bag made from a cat food bag

Thanks to someone that posted a link to an interesting tote bag that they had made from a bird seed bag, I decided to try my hand at making one. This tote bag was made from a 16 pound plastic dry cat food bag:

I metered the corners so it would have a square bottom:

That was an inside photo, now for the outside:

What I liked about this cat food bag is that it had cats all the way around the bag:

Now the other side:

Although I had enough of the bag to make 2 straps for it, I decided to go with a softer poly strap simply because I have miles and miles of this stuff at the house. I also discovered a neat little stitch that worked for putting the straps on, but it was not consistent as the needle would get hung up with the plastic.

So there is my little Friday morning project. I have to go grocery shopping later, I think I might take this tote with me to see what reactions I get.

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