September 30, 2010

Why some sewing businesses need teamwork

Are you the type of person that loves to design something but when it comes to making more than 1 or 2 of those items you lose interest? Or are you the type of person who has no creative ideas at all, but loves to sew from other people's patterns and designs? If you are either one of those types of people then consider finding each other.

Start up sewing businesses start with a dream or an idea, great sewing businesses have a team. Consider partnering up with someone that has a passion in the area that you lack. Maybe what your small business needs to do is grow and your own dislike for one part of your business is holding you back.

So where do you find each other? How about the local fabric store? Start a conversation with a stranger who looks like they share your same tastes in fabric and design. Take a sewing class and meet people there. Quilting clubs are great places to meet people too.

Don't let YOU hold your business back, get help and work as a team.

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