October 5, 2010

How to update your Twitter status without lifting a finger

Did you know that if you connect your feed burner account to you Twitter account you can send an automatic tweet every time you write a blog post? For example, when I finish writing this post and publish it, feed burner will automatically send out the title and a link to my Twitter account so that it is automatically tweeted. I do not have to log in to my Twitter account, nor do I have to type in the tweet.

The inter-connectivity of various websites and programs on the internet has made it so much easier to conduct marketing now. Just by doing one thing such as posting a blog post lets Google know you have new content and Twitter can announce it for you, without you doing anything but write your blog post.

So next time you blog about that new item you just made or designed, make sure you have other websites or social media know about it - automatically.

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