November 18, 2010

Improve your sales this holiday season - have a raffle

About 8 years ago I had a brilliant idea to raffle off gift certificates for my business. I sold the raffle tickets at a local harvest fair. The prize was a gift certificate worth $50 and I was raffling off 3 of them. I sold the raffle tickets along with my crafted items. The raffle tickets cost .25 cent each and I sold about $300 of them before the day was out. So my outlay was $150 in gift certificates that netted me $300.

In actuality I made more money than that. You see I had the fore thought to put an expiration date on the gift certificates that I awarded. I allowed the gift certificates to be good for only 6 months and then they expired. I informed each of the winners of that fact and reminded them once about a month later for them to use them. Of the 3 certificates that I awarded, only one person used theirs. The other 2 certificates expired and I never heard anymore about them.

So you can see that having a raffle for something you have to offer, be it an item, service or gift certificate, you can make money on your venture. It will also add a bit of excitement to your table at the next craft fair.

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