December 18, 2010

Candy cane ornaments

Today we have a guest blogger

Guest post written by Karen Bentley

Every time that I buy some candy canes to hang on our Christmas tree, they're gone within a week because my husband and my kids really love candy canes. I've even bought them extra boxes of them just for them to specifically eat before. But even when i did that, they finished off that box and then moved on to the ones that I hung up on the tree. I said t hat wasn't going to happen this year.

I went online to try and find a way to make some non-edible candy cane ornaments that wouldn't disappear on me and actually ran across some Direct TV Internet Bundle information and decided to order an internet package.

Well, there were actually a whole lot of homemade candy cane ornament ideas that I found, but I wanted one that really did look like a candy cane. Well at least from far away, so that you could tell that they were supposed to look like candy canes. I made about a dozen of them and reminded my family that they were not edible, so that they didn't even need to try their luck with them.

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