December 24, 2010

Do you send out a Christmas Letter?

Every once and awhile I get one of those very long Christmas letters from a friend or family member. It details what they have been doing all year long and their hopes and dreams for the coming year. While some of them are interesting, most are narcissistic (at least they come off that way when I read them). I think that while they start out as a well meaning letter on keeping friends and family up to date on what they did through the year, they often come off as "what we did and could afford, but you can't" type of letter.

So why am I mentioning this to you? To warn you not to do the same thing for your business. Your customers want to hear what you are up to, but not if it does not affect them. Yes that new Grandson of yours is a treasure but your customers really don't care and it certainly won't earn you any extra income to mention him in your business. Your customers do want to hear about your new business hours, the fact that you are moving your business or not, your newest designs, the fact that your shipping costs have gone up or down and who you have hired to be part of the crew that will help your customers.

I do not send out detailed Christmas letters, but I do send out a brief Christmas Greeting and that was sent out today to all of my subscribers. To everyone who is not a subscriber, Merry Christmas ........................... to those of you who are, open your email from me.

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