January 23, 2011

How your employees can make or break your business

Most sewing businesses are sole proprietor based, that is until they start to grow. When the business gets to the point that it needs to hire help to grow, that is when many small businesses fall flat on their faces. Many people treat their small business like their own child and are overly protective of it. They admit they need help to either produce products or with sales yet they refuse to hand over responsibility of that to someone they hire. Here is a list of many ways a small business can go out of business when there is more than one employee:
  • Quality goes down the tubes when a new employee is hired, The boss wants to blame the new employee, when in fact it is the boss who did not train the new employee fully. Written work instructions are invaluable for training. 
  • Personality clashes. This should be self explanatory but the problem gets worse when the business owner lacks the finesse to let the employee go without a harsh firing. The ex-employee might then start a rumor mill against the business if parting with the company was not done correctly.
  • Failure of the business owner to listen to their hired help when they come up with new ideas to make production easier or quicker. The employee feels like they are just another cog in the system and the company risks loosing them. Well trained help is expensive to replace in terms of training and time. A company does not look good to customers if they know it has a high turn over rate with employees.
  • Learning to let go. Here is when the business owner feels they must know what is going on with every employee at every moment of the working day. They are the boss from hell to their employees. As the business owner you have to learn to trust the people you hire to do their jobs without constant supervision from you......learn to let go.
In order for your business to grow you have to hire help. Learn before hand how to handle that situation. Will you be a good boss or will you treat your employees like cheap slave labor? When a business is destined to grow it is often scary to the business owner. If you are scared of growing your business to the point of hiring help then find a mentor to help you through that point.

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