March 20, 2011

My adventure in designing something new - failed, for now

About 2 weeks ago I was on a quest to make a new product. I had found a demand for custom lace for weddings and other special occasions. So with a yard of tulle and my embroidery machine, I started to experiment.

First step was to create a design that would lend itself well to lace. I used my digitizing software and came up with several of them. After transferring them to the embroidery machine I started to sew them out. My first try was awful. The design was too small and the stitches too tight. I altered the design to make it slightly larger. The result was much better but once the water soluble stabilizer had dissolved I found that the stitches were now much too loose.

I left my experimenting for a few days and then tried again. With each design change I found that each one had a problem in some way. I am wondering if the tulle fabric is not the right choice for the lace. Maybe a finer weave or a sheerer weight might do the trick. What ever the solution, it will have to wait, for now.

I have found that really great products do take time to work out the problems, so if you are have problems with your own ideas, take heart, you are not alone. 

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