March 10, 2011

Ottoman to pull my decor together

Guest post written by Dana Decker

It seemed like there was just something about all the stuff in my apartment's living room that didn't quite go that well together, so I decided to make a change and just go for it. I wasn't really sure what going for it would exactly mean, but I knew that I needed to find something to pull all of the decor together.
I went online with my CLEAR 4G to get some inspiration for whatever that something would be that I needed to do.

I found some instructions that seemed pretty good for how to make a ottoman. That was something that I didn't already have and I thought it would probably be good to have that instead of putting my feet on my coffee table all the time. But I found this really great fabric on clearance at the fabric store and decided to just try to make it. I actually got some really cute fabric that matched my stuff on clearance at a craft store when I went to buy the rest of the supplies for the ottoman, so I think it's going to be a nice piece.

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