May 16, 2011

Promote your business off line

The internet has become almost the only way that some businesses advertise nowadays. It should not be the only way if you are a service business and most sewing businesses provide a service.

Of course you should always carry extra business cards with you. How about other items like promotional pens and key chains with your company logo and contact info on them? Are they worth getting? I say they are. You can also look into magnet signs for your car and customized notepads to use to promote your business.

One place that has lots of promotional supplies at very low prices is they have many items that are priced under $1, so promoting adventure will not bust your budget.

Here are a few hints on how to use those items:
  • If your potential customers are outdoors most of the time then pick items that are used outdoors like Frisbees, umbrellas, or beach-balls.
  • If your potential customers are women then don't pick a gender specific item that is used mostly by men.
  • Don't go over board with promotional items, if you buy too many then change your contact information, your promotional items become worthless for your business.

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