August 13, 2011

Blog updates

I have added the "popular posts" to the sidebar of the blog after finding out what the visitors to this blog were looking for to end up here. It surprised me to find that people are just looking for patterns rather than help with their sewing business. That has given a whole new twist on the direction that this blog might take in the near future. There is only so many ways to write about promoting a sewing business. I could write until my finger bleed but unless my readers.......that means YOU, take action on actively promoting your own business, there is little else I can write about. That is until I found out about the most visited blog posts and they had little to do with marketing at all.

This brings up a very important fact that you should consider when you put up a website or blog. Are your visitors going to the pages that you want them to, or are they visiting parts of your website that you are not making money from? Knowing what your visitors are doing will make a huge difference in how you design your website.

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