September 17, 2011

Looking for new designs and products to make

Right now in my business calendar I am looking for fresh ideas. It is that time of the year when I try to look ahead to see what might be this coming seasons fashion hits. Halloween is always a challenge for me as I never know what the big trend in costumes are. Even the big manufacturers don't seem to make the right ones for what the people want at the time.

I stay away from items that have been overdone like the pink ribbon for breast cancer. I see way too many breast cancer t-shirts to even go near that product line. Another overdone product is goth. There is only a limited number of buyers for that type of style and trends like that are limited to a few years at the most.

I also try to keep in mind that China imports are also out there and are cheap. They are my competition and I have to be ahead of them and more in tune with my customers than they are.


Cheryl Designs said...

HI :) I love your blog :) I am a professional seamstress. I am happily making a low-income living with my talent. Most of my business is alteration work. I do custom work when people are willing to pay for CUSTOM clothing. I NEVER consider the cheap CHINA stuff my competition. WE, you and I and all of the other seamstresses, have a TALENT, a marketable SKILL. We must ALL recognize that fact. Good seamstresses are RARE. We should NEVER undervalue our worth. :) :) I think a sewing business is DOOMED if they try to compete with the cheap items out there. If you want to make a few dollars an hour, get a 'real' job with benefits. Please do not GIVE your talent away :( Thanks for listening :) BEST from Cheryl :)

Jan said...

Cheryl, you are so right. People that try and compete with cheaply made fashions will fail every time. Keep up that attitude.