January 7, 2012

Selling on eCrater - part 1

Since I have had several stores on eCrater over the years (yes you can have more than one) I thought I would share with you some ideas on how to set up your own store there. This is part 1 of a series of blog posts devoted to selling on eCrater.

What is eCrater?
Ecrater at is a massive website made up of individual stores. It is totally free to set up and sell on there. They don't take fees of any kind, either before or after the sale.

They do have limits on what you can sell on there so you will have to read their terms. Most of it pertains to illegal copies, body parts (human and animal), live animals, drugs, weapons and stuff like that.

Each of the items listed on the website from each store is submitted to Google so they are included in the Google shopping section of their search. Often eCrater items are listed right up there with eBay items in search.

You have the option to use PayPal or Google checkout or both as your payment processing provider.

First step - sign up
You will need to enter your email address and place of business address when you sign up. The email address does not have to be the same one as email address you use for PayPal.

Pick a good user name
The user name you choose will become your store name so pick it carefully. Your store name will appear like this ""

After you sign up
When you sign up, eCrater will send you a confirmation email that you will have to open and click on to activate your account and store. While waiting for that, visit eCrater's forum found under their community section. There you will find many very detailed how-tos and tips on how to set up your store.

Things you will need before designing your store

  • a logo
  • a storefront image
  • an active PayPal or Google checkout account
  • a good camera to take pictures of your items
In a few more days I'll post the next in the series.
The links to this series of how tos will be posted on my HOW TO page so you can find all of them there

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