January 16, 2012

Selling on eCrater - part 2

In selling on eCrater - part 1, we covered the basics of getting an account, naming your store and the items you will need to get going. Now I will cover designing that store.

Your bare store will look like this in your dashboard:

Here is where you get to pick a color scheme. Pick a good color that will go with your logos and storefront photo.

Next you will need a good logo that will serve as the button on the top of each of your pages to act as "home." When a visitor clicks on your logo, it will take them to your store front home page.

Please note that you are limited to the size of the logo you can upload.

You will also need to pick a photo for the home page (it will replace the photos of the wine glasses).

After you have uploaded and saved the photos to your store, you now want to put text on your front page. You cannot put any clickable links on any of the pages or your store items so you don't have to worry about HTML or any kinds of coding. You want to go to the "edit texts" link in your dashboard and edit "home", "terms and conditions" (where you will state your shipping policy, returns policy and anything else that will affect your customers transaction with you), and you might want to edit your "about us" to give your customers a little background about your store.

So have some fun and design away.

I'll have another installment of selling on eCrater up in a few days. Don't forget that you can see any of the other parts in this series by going to my How to page.

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