January 23, 2012

Selling on eCrater - part 3

So now that you have opened an eCrater store, designed it and hopefully started to add products to it here is some tips on tweaking it so you can get more visitors.

Your title descriptions should include as many "keywords" as you can fit. Keywords are what people put into search engines to find what they are looking for. For example, say you are listing a red apron that fits a child. You would not describe it as simply a child's apron since that would not get you many views. You would add as many descriptive words to your title description as you can. You would add the color, material, length or an unique features that someone might be looking for. Additionally you would write at least 100 - 200 words in your main description of the item so that Google could filter those words into their search engine. Your goal is that your item will be indexed by Google and show up in searches. Yes, eCrater also sends your item listings to Google shopping but you need to do more to get more customers.

Use as many pictures in your listing as you can. Ecrater allows for many photos for each item so use those spaces. Your customers love photos and want to see as many angles as possible.

The more you list the more you can sell. The average sell through rate for me is 15 - 35 % each month. That means that if I list 100 items a month then I will sell only 15 to 35 of them. That is per month, not per week or day. So in order to sell more you have to list more. I find that if I list about 160 items priced from $8 to $24, I can sell about $20 worth of items a day. For a business that is not good, that is a very small part time hobby income. So to make more money, I have to list more items.

A word about listings. Google does not like identical listings and if they find them, they will bury them in their search engine. Each listing needs to be a different item. If you are listing items that are the same except different colors or sizes then you will need to make a listing for each color or size. You will need to change that listing title and main description to be different enough so that Google does not penalize your listings.

If you missed parts 1 and 2 of this series you can find them listed on my HOW TO page.

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Marilyn Martino said...

I want to truly thank you for this information. While teaching sewing classes to all ages and getting them to a profitable level I had considered selling online. This connects the dots for my business and will allow me to eventually work for myself out of my home.
Thank you,
MArilyn Martino
A Stitch in Time Design and Sewing School, Grass Valley CA