May 21, 2012

Gardening and sewing go perfect together

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I am a multifaceted person like most of you are. I do love to sew but I am an avid gardener and orchid plant lover. I find that sewing keeps me busy during the winter months but when the first signs of warm weather hit I am in my greenhouse planning for my spring vegetable garden.

I have tried a dozen or so different products for starting seeds with various results. I have tried organic soil as well as potting soil with polymers for added moisture control. I have gone the organic plant food route in the past but had to resort to chemical pest control because one year the aphids just took over one section of the garden.
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There is currently one maker of plant food and organic products that is offering a $3 coupon, they are Whitney Farms(R) With the price of potting soil and plant foods now over $10, $3 off sounds pretty good.

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Today the weather is a bit cooler than it has been for the past 5 days so I will be going outside to add some cauliflower plants to the veggie garden. So far I have 3 kinds of squash, tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli and asparagus. Below is a photo of part of my garden. Most of the plants are just getting started.

My veggie garden

I have also sewn some items that I use while gardening. I have a short pocketed apron that holds my hand garden tools and gloves when I am not using them. I also embroidered a few ball caps to wear - light colored ones so they won't absorb the heat when I am outside.

Well, I had better get off of this computer and put my gardening gloves on, got more plants to put in.


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Anonymous said...

so glad to read, "we are multifasited" Sometimes I wonder why I am "all over the place" compared to my non-crafty friends. diana