June 11, 2012

Re-arraigning the sewing room

My little sewing room is getting crowded with boxes and bags of sewing blanks along with too many tables. It is time for a re-do.

Since I actively sell my embroidered items on eBay I have been accumulating towels, t-shirts and other items in bulk to embroider on. The problem is that I often buy too many when I see a great bargain and they have to be stored until the next season. For example I make golf towels and buy the towels to embroider in the late autumn (they tend to be cheaper that time of year) but the demand for them starts in early spring the next year so I have to store them. Those stored items take up space. They now have to be rearranged.

Where to start first? I need to get myself going since this will be an all day affair. I think I need a breakfast snack to start with. What a better way than eat a Quaker Soft Baked Bar to get the brain going. After all it is wholesome food for your body. I am partial to the banana nut and my husband likes them too. He stuffs them in his golf bag when he goes golfing. Can you tell that I like putting off the hard work of moving stuff around? LOL

QSBB Yum Image high res.jpg

The sewing room by the end of the day will have one less sewing table and should have all the off season items safely stored. I will also have a better idea of what items I have for another venture I have in mind - air brushing designs on fabric. I got the air brush kit a few weeks ago and have not had the chance to try it out yet. I will see how that turns out. I do have lots of fabric to try it out on.

Well, off to the sewing room and a long day.

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