September 3, 2012

It is now September and you know what that means.....

September marks the beginning of the normal school year, autumn and football. The last event is what makes me money during this time of the year.

I cash in on football season every year. I make monogrammed stadium blankets, items that have team colors and even fan items for babies. I am very careful not to sell anything with a team logo on it since I could get in trouble for copyrite infringement. I stick to team colors with funny sayings on them that are team related.

I make the most money from local team fans. If you have a local team I suggest starting to cater to that crowd. Even high school teams have ready made fan bases you can profit from.

Yep, September, a great time of year to cash in on sewing.

You can now get Sewing for Cash on your Kindle. Just click on the link to take you there. There is a free trial period.

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