September 29, 2012

Knitting as a sideline for a sewing business

I was recently contacted about one of my products that I sell on eBay. The buyer wanted 10 more of what I was selling and wanted the items to be customized with names. I worked out the details with the buyer and put up a private sale on eBay and everything was done - or so I thought. The buyer then had an unusual request. She wanted to know if I also knitted. I said I did but only for personal items, not for things to sell. You see it takes me forever to finish anything I knit. The buyer had bought a coat pattern that she wanted knitted but she did not knit! I had to pass on that project but it brought up a thought.

If she was looking for someone to knit an item, where was she going to look? That might be a whole new business for my adventurous readers. Think about knitting as a sideline to your sewing business.

If it takes you forever to finish a knitted project like me then start off with something small like a dog sweater. In fact this blog post at All the Creatures has some nice photos of doggy sweaters with links to patterns.

You can now get Sewing for Cash on your Kindle. Just click on the link to take you there. There is a free trial period.

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