December 16, 2012

Has your blog or website been copied?

Having your articles appear on another website is often one of the worst things that can happen to a blog owner. Google will find that duplicate article and sometimes rate that work higher in the search results than your original article. That is simply not right nor fair to you.

Today I found one of my articles about knitting on this website. I also found many hundreds of other blog posts from other sewing and knitting blogs on there. If you treasure your blog or website you will do a search on that blog and see if your work is there too.

So if you do find your article on that blog what can you do? First leave a comment for the blog owner stating you want it removed. Give them a few days to do so. Next do a whois search on the blog and find out who the hosting company is. Contact that hosting company and let them know what is going on. The hosting company can often be held responsible for copyrite infringement and they know that. They will often remove the entire website. Next file a  DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998) with the major search engines. That will remove the website in question from the results in the search engine searches. That will bury the website in a sandbox so it will get no visitors what so ever. Here is a link on how to notify the major search engines. How to file a DMCA

Right now I am at stage one with this thief. I hope your articles and photos (yes the photos are there too) are not found on that or any other blog other than your own.

Edited to add:
I found the place to report this thief to their hosting company - here is the link to that form 

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