February 5, 2013

Sewing software

I love looking for interesting and new things to design and make. I also love finding easier ways to make and design things. I guess that is why I love using my computer to help me design sewing patterns and embroidery. My biggest beef with the software makers is their price, it is way too high compared to other types of software on the market.

It was very recently that I discovered a secret to finding that same software but at a much lower price and it was somewhere that I had not thought of before. That place is the Amazon sewing software section. For example I found Embroidery Magic 2 Embroidery Machine Software for under $80 and I paid $99 for it 2 years ago. They also had Perfect Placement Kit by Designs in Machine Embroidery which is invaluable in placing embroidery designs on items. It solves the problem of where to place a design and what stabilizer to use.

Something I didn't know is that you can get Dakota embroidery designs on Amazon. I thought you could only get them from the Dakota website or at the sewing machine store. Guess what? They are even cheaper at Amazon.

Well I am off to look around some more on Amazon to find more bargains.

You can now get Sewing for Cash on your Kindle. Just click on the link to take you there. There is a free trial period.

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