May 25, 2013

Your blog is more than an advertising place for your products - you can make money from it too

Blogging is much more than a way to advertise what you make. There are countless ways to make money from your blog just by writing on it.

If you have followers to your blog you know that people are reading it, so why not make money from those visitors? Here are some helpful tips:

If you are always making items, taking pictures of them and putting it on your blog then you should be putting up affiliate links to the products you are using to make those items. The affiliate links I recommend are Amazon where you become a member and can put up affiliate links like this one to sewing products at Amazon where I earn 6% on every purchase made by someone who clicks through that link. You can of course use Google Adsense but the average click through rate is less than 1% and you will need about 1500 visitors a day to make about $10 a day. Another good one is where you can choose the companies you advertise. I tend to shy away from ad networks that want you to place a code on your page and they control the ads. Did that once and had some ads show up on the blog that had nothing to do with sewing......never again.

Another way is to do reviews of products that you use and tell your readers that you would like to review other products for them too......maybe one of your readers is a CEO of a well known company that sells items that you use and will pay you to review their products. That is something I have done and usually the pay is pretty good.

Think of your blog as an online magazine with helpful articles and some paid advertising.

One last word of advise, if you are not making money off of your advertising after a month, remove that ad and try something else.

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