June 15, 2013

Are you losing revenue from your website or blog?

If you have a website or blog like this one and have been putting either banner ads or Google Adsense on them to make a little extra on the side, you should read this post because I am about to tell you why you are not going to make much money in the future from that.

A fairly recent wave of software and apps is starting to spread out over the internet. They are called ad blockers. Sad to say but I even use one on my Chrome browser. I installed it to see what ads were being blocked and the ad blocker does its job nicely too. It blocks all of the Google ads and most banner ads. What it doesn't block is text links. So my revenue from my sewing links, like this one are making through the ad blocker. Strange as it may sound but my revenue from that source has gone up but clicks on my Adsense ads has gone down........a lot.

Since the ad blocker I use is one of the most popular for Chrome, I recommend that you also install one to see what your blog is showing. The ad blocker will even block ads shown on videos from YouTube so if you are counting on revenue from there you can also count on a drop of ads being shown.

Bottom line is, you have to keep up with what is going on with the way your customers surf the web if you want to make money online.

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