February 20, 2014

Why I gave up the top level domain name for this blog

As you probably know by now, I did not renew the top level domain name for this blog. So is now

So I saved $10 for the domain name. Some of you would say that is a big deal and a few years back so would I. But I have found out something else has happened in the last few years, Google search has changed.

It use to matter what domain name you had, now it is all about the content and social media. Google rates a website or blog higher in searches if it has good content that is searchable but also if people are mentioning it on Facebook,Twitter and their own golden child, Google+.

So now instead of links pointing to your blog or website, you need social interaction with it. Mark my words, in a few more years that will change too. Yep, Google keeps people learning new SEO all the time.

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